Our Juniors are truly a wonderful/talented group of dog handlers.  On This page will will highlight a junior a month.

Local area Junior Savannah Martin, has stepped up to be out Junior Spotlight Reporter and project lead.
Below in her own words, a little about Savannah.

Hey I’m Savannah Martin I’m 13 years old been in the sport for about 4 years. I participate in Junior Showmanship, Conformation, Rally, FastCAT, plus one dog sport that’s not in AKC and that weight pull.

My main dog breeds are Samoyeds, Irish Wolfhounds and Norwegian Elkhounds; but I have shown many breeds and wish to show even more breeds before aging out of Juniors (before I turn 18). 

My family owns Australia Shepherds, and Anatolian Shepherds. I like showing because gives me time to be me and spend time with my dog and makes me feel like me.

Junior Spotlight

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